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Sunday, October 28, 2007

Rogers to Launch iphone in Canada Dec 7th?

Update: Six months off but on April 29th Rogers announced they are bringing the iPhone to Canada.

Not sure if this is true but the timing for the iphone launch in Canada makes sense, still a little pricey, and it will depend 100% on what the data plan is. I really hope Rogers makes the right move and makes it similar to the AT&T plan with unlimited data at a reasonable price. It will certainly give mobile commerce a boost as it is much easer to interact with the web on the iphone platform than anything else out there.

I certainly will have one on my Christmas wish list (If I can wait that long)!


Mark said...

Only downside will be the EDGE network. Great for email but SLOOOW for web browsing. Browsing on my blackberry 8700 feels slow. I can only imagine how slow it will feel on a device with a rich browser experience.

With a late launch of iphone into Canada, we can only hope the upside for us poor Canucks is a tweak that will allow an upgrade to the 4G network with a software patch (rather than having to get a whole new iphone!) Yeah, right. Well can't fault a guy for wishing. You started the Christmas theme Rodrigue... ;-)

Anonymous said...

Pretty exciting....hope santa is good to you!!!