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Monday, February 18, 2008

The 3 Pillars to Success in the New Economy

Many people talk about the level of complexity that was added with the Internet and how business engages with it.

In the end the Internet is allowing us to transform our businesses and refocus our strategies. I was talking the other day with an exciting new start-up and I realized how exciting it is to be building a business in this environment.

Not being burdened by years of processes or understandings allows a focus on three key pillars that all business, new and old, need to build as their base.

Your Community, Brand Story and Content can be the difference between success and failure and understanding how each of these can be leverage across your organization is critical

Community: This is extension of your site and business. How are users interacting with your business, your brand and your content and then extending this across other platforms and the broader internet? Make it easy to share yourself, your stories and your products. Listen to what your users are saying and participate in the conversation.

Brand Story: Show what makes your brand different, tell the story and deliver on it's promises. Your business and site can't just be a list of products or services but it needs to be an interaction that supports your position in the marketplace. Show how you are different than everyone else and what value you bring to the table, tell consumer why they should be interacting with you.

Content: This is your products, services and information. What value is your business and site bringing to the users. How do you extend beyond your basic offering to ensure the consumer is getting value add and sees your business and site as an asset in their purchase decision process. If you sell watches are you providing the information on how to make a purchase decision, what is available in the market and the differences in the product offerings. Make it easy for the consumer to use you as a resource in their purchase discovery process.

All three of these are intertwined so make sure you take the time to understand each and have a long term plan on their evolution as missing on these will hurt your chances at success

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