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Sunday, January 27, 2008

Canadians Take Innovation Forum by Storm

I just got back from's first Strategy and Innovation Forum and I am happy to report that Canadians stole the show. As an aside if you haven't been to one of the events you need to put one on your schedule for 2008.

Mitch Joel did a great talk on Social Shopping pulling off an amazing 50 slides in 15 minutes that took the crowd by storm and provided the audience with an honest look of where we all need to be to embrace the changes on how we market and do business.

On the second day Andy Nulman closed off the keynotes by providing us all with a look at how we can leverage mobile marketing not as a "Look I do Mobile Marketing" strategy but a very tactical ready to use piece of your marketing war chest.

The best part was that Mitch and Andy really challenged the audience and the mindset of where everyone was. People were a little uncomfortable with what was being presented as both Mitch and Andy showed that we are only at the start of a really evolving marketplace but that the best was yet to come for those that embraced it.

Great job Mitch and Andy it was nice to see two Canadians stealing the show and proving that not all of the thought leadership is south of the border.


Andy Nulman said...


This was just sent to me by a colleague. I am truly flattered. Guess it goes to show you that hard work and a loud mouth pays off. I look forward to crossing paths with you soon.

My best,


Mtch Joel - Twist Image said...

Nulman always beating me to the punch!

Thanks for the kind words Simon. I loved the passion of the audience. It really was a fun time and I look forward to hanging out some more in the near future :)

Andy Nulman said...

Finally! The only other time I beat Mitch to the punch was when it was in a bowl at our Christmas party...and that's because he doesn't drink. Mitch, I am Yoda; you're still the Skywalker.

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