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Sunday, January 27, 2008

Zamzar - A Great Web Tool for Your Web Tool Chest

I have always had problems with videos in my presentations, they would be the wrong format to embed or they just wouldn't work. I hate this as I really like using the odd video in my presentation to demonstrate a point. So after being at this week and seeing many of the presentations that were loaded with videos I spent some time trying to figure it out.

I am glad I did. I stumbled across Zamzar a great new site that allows for file and video conversions from other websites. The video below gives a great overview of the service but it is pretty much that provide them with the URL and what you want the end conversion to be and they email you the results. Even better they have a tool that integrates with your browser so you are only ever a click a way. Best of all the service is free and if you like it you can sign up for different levels of services that give you a bunch of great extras.

A great tool for all of us that live on the web, thank-you Zamzar!

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