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Thursday, May 29, 2008

Bazaarvoice's Social Commerce Summit - Day 1

Wow pretty much sums up day 1 of the Bazaarvoice Social Commerce Summit. I had the privilege of presenting what we are doing at with Answer Depot to a who's who of social commerce. It was pretty nerve racking speaking after the slate of speakers today - Brett Hurt and Sam Decker from Bazaarvoice, Kelly Mooney from Resource Interactive, Andy Sernovitz founder of WOMMA, Bryan Eisenberg from FutureNow as well people from Dell, Omniture and Canadiantire (on a side note it is great that two Canadian sites talked about how we are leveraging UGC in our business - yeah Canada!).

I'll go more in-depth on some of the key concepts later but are some of the key takeaways:

1. Your brand is open and we need to be able to understand how to harness this, you can no longer control the message.

2. With everything you do ask the question - Will people talk about this? If the answer is no then you are probably wasting time and money.

3. We all need to test more, and don't feel bad if you are not now as it seems nobody is really doing enough of this.

4. Take the time to measure your UGC efforts and leverage the content throughout your organization - from customer service to product development and everything in between.

5. You need to have a community manager and responsibility in the organization for UGC (this was what my pres was about but Dell also echoed this so I can make it a key takeaway...)

6. Bazaarvoice gets it, it isn't about the technology but about the people, process and content they develop.

I'll follow-up later with more details and outline what I talked about but if you are in eCommerce, Social Media or Interactive Marketing you need to put this summit on your calendar for next year.

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