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Sunday, October 05, 2008

Online Marketing Conference for Free!

Bryan Eisenberg, author of Always be Testing, came up with a great idea of mashing up a bunch of the best content on Online Marketing on his blog grokdotcom.

Mitch Joel took up the torch as well at Six Pixels of Separation with his take on the virtual conference called Pixelated.

Both are great mashups and I would encourage you, and anyone in the eCom space, to take the time to go through them, it is well worth it. Thanks guys for putting this together.

Here are a couple of more (Mitch you need to get a video of you speaking online - I couldn't find anything to post from you).

Bryan talking about the importance of testing (and his new book) at SES:

A/B Split Testing with Bryan Eisenberg - Click here for more home videos

Information R/Evoultion (A video take of the book by David Weinberger - Everything is Miscellaneous:

And a few of my favorite videos that make you think:


Bryan Eisenberg said...


This is a great collection of videos. I managed to find the only one of Mitch online. Hope things have been going well.

Constant Contact said...

I had a look at some of the content. It's interesting how times have changed and the social media landscape along with it. While MySpace was once the place where lots of creative people wanted to be, its popularity has declined.

Chris Gilbert said...

I've watched all the videos but the first video- Information R/evolution is my most favorite. I've realized how powerful information can be and I can really relate to it especially we find and share information everyday.

Chris, Cardiff web design

JenniferPark8 said...

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Jason Johnson said...

I used to read posts on grokdotcom but it seems it's not working anymore. I've clicked the link to its site and the page says Error 404. Is there something wrong? Jason, kelowna search engine optimization

Joseph Donaldson said...

Oh, I love Bryan Eisenberg! I follow him on Twitter and he just tweeted 59 minutes ago about awesome restaurant social media marketing. He's really good!


John Guice said...

The videos and the book seem interesting. I'll definitely watch them and read the book. Thanks for sharing! John,

Jeremy Basingstoke said...
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Alison Stonewall said...

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