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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Discovery Channels New Ad

It will be interesting to see how viral this one goes. It is a fun video to watch.

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

The Simplest Way to Define User Experience

I was thinking about this the other day when someone asked me what user expereince was. I'm sure we could all go on for days about many things but it really boils down to two simple things:

1. When a consumer does A on your site expecting B are you delivering on that promise?

2. Do you delight your customer in the process of getting from A to B?

Pretty much everything we do in the web development and user expereince fields can be covered by those two questions. But the question for us is how often do we get distracted and lose site of the above?

Google Audio Ads

I've talked about Google Audio Ads a couple of times, but it is pretty scary how Google is attempting to transform the advertising marketplace. Take a look at the video below and remember they have TV and Print on the way as well. Maybe one day we will even be lucky enough to see it in the Canadian marketplace!

If you work in a firm that does traditional media, you need to talk to your media buying team about this. Not only will it allow you to demonstrate the ease in which you can target and establish campaigns, but as I'm sure there are not a lot of people participating in the auction right now so you could be a hero showing your company a great way to lower media costs.

Assuming that this takes on it will only speed up the transition of the media mix as firms that embrace the auction system will be able to plan across medias in the most efficient manner.

Sunday, July 06, 2008

Negative Word of Mouth - A Rogers' iPhone Case Study in The Making

I'm sure everyone has either heard of or had been following the negative sediment surrounding Rogers' iPhone pricing plans for the upcoming launch on July 11th.  To me Rogers seems to be greatly taking advantage of the monopoly they have on the iPhone and didn't think about the longer term impacts on their brand and company or the opportunity they had.

Everyone talks about how WOM can work in both directions and this along with so many others we have seen will probably end up being another case study on "How NOT to do things".  The best example of the negative sediment surrounding the Rogers rate plans for the iPhone and how it has polarized a fairly passionate and, I would assume, high value customer is (Fixed the Link - Thanks Nick!) This site is acting as the hub for 43,258 and counting consumers of which many will no longer purchase the iPhone and will probably start looking for other alternatives.  If Bell and Telus were smart (and listening) they should swoop in and start talking to this group trying to win them over.  I also can't imagine that Apple is very happy with all of this negative grassroots level publicity, given that the launch happening in less than a week.  I was in the US over the weekend and almost everyone I talked with was aware of what was happening in Canada with Rogers and the iPhone. Word travels fast when people are passionate about something, love it or hate it.  To have such a negative pricing strategy and term commitment over a product that the Canadian consumer and die hard apple devotees have been waiting for is not a good move - Rogers you now may be in trouble.

So the moral here is that Rogers potential lost an opportunity to drive a postive WOM campagin that could have helped position them as leaders in Canada for years to come.  Now, because they didn't understand how the message would be percieved and re-communicated by the larger community, they have a disater in their hands that will require clean-up.

From my point, I'm pretty annoyed with the pricing. I won't be getting an iPhone when it comes out on July 11th and will be looking for other options, either Bell (maybe this one) or Telus.  I'm also going to be signing the petition as soon as I'm finished with this post!  Sorry Rogers but it looks like you didn't win me over from Bell.