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Monday, September 29, 2008

Video Highlights from the Bazaarvocie Social Commerce Summit

I had to add this as I'm featured in the video from the 2008 Social Commerce Summit....

But seriously if you are in eCommerce or sell products in any channel you need to attend this summit next year. Bazaarvoice is by far the leader is social commerce and the learnings you can get are incredible.

I can't live without my iPhone - 5 tips for website owners

Ok so I broke down about 24 hours after they launched and purchased an iPhone, I really didn't think it would change my view of the online world but it really has!

The iPhone interface and easy access to the Internet has greatly impacted my browsing behaviour.  So much so that it is starting to get me thinking about how website owners need to think about how consumer’s browsing behaviours will be changing.

I really do believe this is something that we all need to be looking at in the short term; this will not be something that is going to generate an ROI anytime soon but will ensure you are properly positioned and will be critical to your success going forward.  This isn't a .mobi or WAP play but understanding how your site and online business will be interfacing with the iPhone and other smart phones.

1. First if you don't have an iPhone (or other smart phone) you need to go get one this week, by having the phone you will gain a much better appreciation of how it changes your browsing behaviours.

2. Ensure you site is optimized for mobile (and safari for the real laggards our there).  Can you register for your site, place an order, find store locations, etc?

3. Start tracking how consumers are interacting with your site through mobile devices using your analytics package.  Understand where they are going, what they are doing, where they are coming from and where they leave the site.

4. Make sure it is easy to access the content consumers are looking for.  CNN and CBC do a great job, Canoe and Report on Business are not doing anything (or I can't find it, which is pretty much not doing anything in my eyes).  I use CNN and CBC way more than I did before and I can't remember since getting my iPhone when I have visited ROB.

5. If you are starting to see engagement from your customers look at building a mobile app.  I love the Bloomberg and Score Mobile app and my engagement with these brands is much higher than ever before.

Some easy steps we all need to be looking at.  I’d love to hear what everyone else is thinking, mobile seems to be that topic that everyone has talked about for the last couple of years but nobody really figured out how to be a real success.   Now it looks like our consumers may drag us along with them.