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Sunday, October 05, 2008

I've Been Blogged

I received an email the other day as rated my blog and gave me a score of very good. After logging onto the site it seems like I have a bit of work to do but I was pretty excited as I found a couple of other interesting blogs I am going to follow after playing around with the related blogs listing.

If you have a blog the marketing can't hurt so you might as well submit it to

Evolving Shift at Blogged

You can also become a member and review other blogs as well. Not sure if you can get any more social with blogs but this would be a social media/commerce angle to blogging.

Continuing the Mobile Discussion - The Importance of Mobile in Retail

The recent post about mobile and how it will impact online business generated some interesting conversations.

More than one person commented that they are almost always using their phone in the store to validate their purchase and when I started thinking it was true for me as well. Even before my iPhone I was using my Blackberry to search for additional info on the product.

This brings up and interesting point. Mobile may push search to even higher levels of importance in the future. If consumers are searching for info just before they make a purchase the question to ask is are you positioning yourself, either through paid or organic, to ensure you are entering into the conversation - to seal the deal or steal someone away from your competitor?

Parth also brings up a great point in his comment, mobile browsing will mean that more content needs to be brought up to the front, to reduce clicks, path length and browse time. In the end this will be a great exercise for all of us to clean up our paths to conversion and deliver an even better experience to both the mobile and computer based consumer.

Online Marketing Conference for Free!

Bryan Eisenberg, author of Always be Testing, came up with a great idea of mashing up a bunch of the best content on Online Marketing on his blog grokdotcom.

Mitch Joel took up the torch as well at Six Pixels of Separation with his take on the virtual conference called Pixelated.

Both are great mashups and I would encourage you, and anyone in the eCom space, to take the time to go through them, it is well worth it. Thanks guys for putting this together.

Here are a couple of more (Mitch you need to get a video of you speaking online - I couldn't find anything to post from you).

Bryan talking about the importance of testing (and his new book) at SES:

A/B Split Testing with Bryan Eisenberg - Click here for more home videos

Information R/Evoultion (A video take of the book by David Weinberger - Everything is Miscellaneous:

And a few of my favorite videos that make you think: