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Sunday, December 14, 2008

Analytics in the Retail World: It is more than just numbers and reports

I have the privilege of being the closing keynote speaker at emetrics Toronto this upcoming March. I was really impressed with this conference last year and the quality of the discussion that takes place. Analytics is really more than the numbers behind the business but the complex understanding of how your business is evolving and how consumers are interacting with it.

Here is what I plan to talk about:

Analytics in the Retail World: It is more than just numbers and reports

OK so now you have a bunch of different data sources and a few people
dedicated to be analysts but the business doesn't seem to change,
what's wrong?. In this presentation Simon will talk about the
challenges of driving true analytic change in the traditional report
based retail organization. During this presentation he will address
the normal hurdles of transforming the organization into a true
analytics based business. Analytics needs to be part of everyone's
role with the tools being just that - tools to drive rich insights
that help the business move forward.

The agenda and list of speakers (Mitch Joel, June Li and Jim Sterne to name a few) looks like it will be a great place to be and as dollars continue to shift into interactive marketing and eCommerce it will be more important than ever that we move beyond the reporting and into the deep insights we can provide for the business.

I look forward to seeing everyone there and if you haven't already registered here is the link.

Thursday, December 04, 2008

Google's Friend Connect Beta

Today I received an invite to join Google's Friend Connect, a new feature built on OpenSocial that allows for anyone to quickly add social applications to their site. It is pretty neat and very easy to setup so it will be interesting to watch over the coming weeks and months how this is adopted across the web. It will also be interesting to see which connect tools wins out - Facebook's Connect or Google's Friend Connect.

Take a look at the video below and I've also added a review and friend widget to the blog if you want to play around with they are ready to go.

The bottom line is that you really don't have an excuse anymore on why you won't start testing social media / commerce or your site - so get testing.