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Sunday, August 23, 2009

Good Data is Good Business! Five Crucial Steps to Successful Data Integration

Wow - crazy busy of late and I haven't had a chance to blog much.  I will be talking on Wednesday about a topic that is near and dear to my heart - Product data and how it is an competitive differentiator.  Here is some info, I'd love to hear your thoughts.

• Presented By: All About ROI
• Sponsored By: Stibo Systems
• Duration: On hour

Speakers: Simon Rodrigue, AVP of eCommerce - Sears Canada; Tim Holody, COO, Seta Corp.

Moderator: Paul Miller, Editor in Chief, All About ROI

In the process of receiving product data from vendors for use with product displays and descriptions across channels, many details can get lost in the shuffle. But the proper integration of data saves time and money and will make you more money.

Register today to learn how efficient data management will:
- impact your bottom line positively
- reduce merchandise returns
- decrease business risks
- expedite product delivery
- improve internal and external communications

In this webinar, 
All About ROI, industry leader Sears and database marketing expert Tim Holody will show retailers of all kinds - brick and mortar, catalog, online - the importance behind making sure the data for your inventory is accurate and primed for communication to the consumer, as soon as new stock is available.

Come to this session armed with your questions about successful data integration. You'll be able to submit questions directly to our panelist for a live Q&A session during the hour.

For more info click here.


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