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Monday, December 28, 2009

The best test to do for eCommerce sites

I don't think we do enough of this as we are often caught up in the newest technologies, product launches or interesting creative but it is important to look at the basic ease of use of the site.

In the end the overall user experience is simple to define and at its base it is how easy is it for the user to complete their task (B) from where they start (A) (here is a post that goes into more details -

So do this today - try and place an order on your site but do it as a new customer or even better yet have your spouse, partner, sibling or parent try to place an order and get their honest feedback (and the great thing about family is honesty comes easy!)

I think you will be surprised with the results and it will give you a great head start for 2010 were we can all focus on making online shopping easier, faster, more relevant and a better overall experience for the consumer.