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Sunday, October 17, 2010

Can You Really Afford to Piss Off 8% of Users

I am continually shocked by two things over the past year when it comes to browser compatibility.  First is that so many sites just don't work when using Google Chrome and more often that not of late it is when I get to the checkout that the site just won't work.  Second is that most of these sites support Safari and when talking to IT groups and business leaders they feel this is more of a priority than Chrome.  Let's forget about the point that Chrome surpassed Safari in usage earlier this year and focus on the pure numbers (I also don't think this should be a one or the other decision).  The latest numbers show that Chrome usage is now approaching 8% and with recent growth trends I would expect that we will see 10% early in the new year.  The other point to consider is that Chrome users are early adopters (vs the IE crowd) and I would propose they are more like to purchase online.

So I guess the question is - Can you really afford to not support 8% of your consumers in the way they want to shop?  Maybe you can but I'm sure someone else needs those sales.

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