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Sunday, October 24, 2010

Some Inspiration for a Rainy Sunday Afternoon

Surfing on Youtube this afternoon and I came across YouTube Play which happen last week at the Guggenheim on the 21st of Oct.

Some really cool inspirational work that makes you think. Next time you have an hour to spare spend some time exploring the Youtube Play site or watching the event.

Creativity can come from so many different places and takes many different forms, it is one of the reasons why you can't aways work inside the box as you will only become stale as others innovate around you.  Make sure you (and your team) spend time just creating, not towards as specific goal or guidleline but exploring the areas outside of what your business and creative guidelines are today. Trust me the seeds of innovation are there, you just need to give them the space and time to grow.

The Full Event:

And some of my favourite video (you can see them all at

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