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Sunday, November 21, 2010

Flyers, Flyers Everywhere - But Does Anyone Care? (Or Why Canadian Retailers are Missing a Major Opportunity this Christmas)

The first week of Nov, I was at my in-laws just outside of Ottawa, and was shocked to see the number of flyers neatly stuffed into the Flyer Force delivery bag.

Over 32 different flyers, including multiple for the same stores (Sears, Walmart, Loblaws and ToyRUs all had more than one).  It was easily over five hundred pages of unremarkable content that had no possible relevance to each and every household.  I wonder how often someone actually goes through the bag or does it just make a nice carrier to take it all to the recycling bin?

The saddest part of this - we all know that more and more consumers are using online to search for their what and where to buy this Christmas, and everyone wants to make sure that they are getting their loved ones the best gifts in 2010. Yet Walmart, ToyRUs, Sears, all which had multiple flyers and catalogues in the flyer force bag as well as big players like Home Depot, Canadian Tire, Loblaws and Zellers, who where also trying to pitch as "the" place for Holiday shopping, didn't think of buying the key gifting terms (Best/Top/Hot - Gifts/Toys/ - For Him / Her in any combination) on Google. In fact as of Nov 21st, no retailers are purchasing these terms in makes you wonder how a retailer can easily spend upwards of a million dollars getting a holiday flyer out yet, they can't justify (or even worse - don't yet know) the impact of being the number 1 term in Google could have on their sales this season.  Here are some examples below but you can pretty well try any combo and nothing comes up.  It is a great opportunity for a retailer to jump in and get involved in a very relevant conversation with consumers looking to make this holiday season a perfect one.

Best Toys search - no sponsored results

Hot toys for Christmas 2010  - no sponsored results

Top Gifts for Him - No Sponsored Results from Retailers in Canada

And just in case you needed some extra incentive (this is for you retailers out there) here is the Google Trends graph for "hot toys" and "best gifts"

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Sharleen, Whitby ON said...

Just as an update, in Whitby ON, within a 3 day period, we received 50 flyers in the local paper (not to mention the advertisements in the actual paper, all flyers that are left at our door, and the flyers that are delivered to our mail box). My parents and a few friends look forward to receiving these bundles, and will go as far as contacting the paper when their flyer bundle is NOT delivered. As for our house they go directly from front door to recycling box. Quite a waste. I definitely agree that retailers who are not using on-line search term are missing the boat. All my purchases will made on-line.