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Monday, January 24, 2011

Fast Failure - Why we all need to embrace it

I talk about fast failure a lot and how important it is to be failing regularly to be successful.

Here is a great example of how Honda looks at failure at and, I believe that, it shows how their culture of embracing failure is a key part of their success.


  • When you fail, fail fast.  Do not become attached to the project or product.
  • Learn from your failures and build the learnings into the future success of your business
  • Fear of failure in your culture or organization freezes it from moving forward
  • If you are not failing you are not taking the chances to win
  • Failure does not define you, it is how you response to it that does.

1 comment:

Tung said...

Thanks, Simon. Great post. At Bazaarvoice, Brett and Brant helped to create a culture of failing fast and failing forward. I've definitely benefited from this way of life in my personal life as well.