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Saturday, January 29, 2011

Should we pay more for Internet in Canada?

The CRTC has made a decision that allows for (and in some cases will force the smaller players that buy in bulk from the major carriers to use) metered Internet usage.  While this doesn't mean that we will see higher charges tomorrow it does hurt competition which is never a good thing for the consumer.  As I am spending more time in the US of late I see the different in pricing between the two market and you have to believe that this is slowing access to the evolution of the Internet in Canada.

So make your voice heard and hopefully if enough join in this decision can be reviewed.  Full info on the petition, and more information on this issue can be found at


Anonymous said...

Did you know that in third world countries they used to charge you every single minute you talked on the phone? It happened in Ecuador, Mexico, Paraguay, etc... Now the CRTC wants more money for the government ??? In B.C. we pay an HST Tax of 12% and members or the Government brain wash people saying that it creates jobs??.
This country (CANADA), is not a first world country. This is just the beginning of a catastrophe.
Can the government give the reason why people should pay more??? In that case, how come the CRTC is NOT charging for TELEPHONE USE?

This is a total BB SS !!!
They want more money, we pay high rents to live, minimum salary has been $8 dollars an hour since year 2001... ONLY in British Columbia.
This Province is in serious debt also with the winter olympics (2 Billion dollars). Now pay hundreds of dollars for surfing the internet? - I am dissapointed to be born in Canada.

Anonymous said...

Oh... i forgot one thing to mention to all readers...

I have my computer with a router. If my neighbor next door does not have internet but has a laptop, the laptop will pick up the signal from my computer router and will be navigating FOR FREE !!!!! and I WILL BE THE ONE TO GET CHARGE MORE because someone is using my internet signal through a laptop.

Did you think about this situation you guys ???
Of course, you say this to the CRTC and they will tell you "unplug your router" ... Sure, yeah right, then i demand my money back for the router i paid since they want to charge so much more.

Disgusted and ashamed of the CRTC in this country.
CRTC = Canadian Robbers To Control !