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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Why Waste Time With Social Media?

More and more we are being asked what is the ROI of social media and how we can drive sales from Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google+, Insert Newest Social Media Site Here?  I truly believe this is driving the wrong behavior as companies build out their social commerce strategies.  It can not be about driving instant in-session sales - it needs to be about how you use social media channels to engage with and enhance the overall customer experience. If you do this right you are taking your brand, content and platform and extending it into customers day to day lives - their social graph.

If you are not doing this first, making it easy for customers to leverage and embed your site you will be fighting a loosing battle, winning in this space is not just about one time conversions but building long term relationships.

Here is a great video that really gives you an idea of where this space is - it is the third version of Social Media Revolution (you can see #2 in the post about great brainstorming videos).  Take this video and show it to anyone who is asking the "What is the ROI?" question...

Hat tip to Victoria Hughes on the video

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