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Saturday, July 23, 2011

The Idea of Incremental Development

Why is it that we often think it has to be different to be a winner, you can be very successful in eCommerce product management by taking an incremental approach.  I am not suggesting that you need to slowly improve your product but everything doesn't have to be different to win. Build things that make your core better vs moving away your core and distracting the business.

Look at what Google is doing with Google+, this isn't about a fancy new social platform but about making your experience with Google better. It ties everything neatly together and makes search, their core product, better. In addition, Google knows they will get users on Google+ as if you use their core today (Google Search, Android, Youtube, blogger etc) you can make the experience better with Google+, hence the name.

So figure out what your core is and start making it better...being incremental doesn't mean be boring.

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