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Monday, August 08, 2011

Motivating Teams in eCommerce

I have had the chance to build some great teams in the eCommerce world and have talked a few times that winning in eCommerce is all about talent. (This I Believe) eCommerce isn't about building great technology it is about building great teams that know how to leverage the technology to new levels.

I ran across this video a few days back (and posted it to Google+) but felt that it was too important to not share with a greater group.  Take a few minutes to watch the video and share it around with anyone who manages teams.  We often default to the answer (or problem) of keeping people happy is money which is wrong for all involved.  In the end we and our teams including many of the people who are stars in the eCom world, are doing this for the excitement of advancing a product, moving the conversion needle or getting something done that was once thought to be impossible.  Remember this when you are trying to motivate your teams, give them the space to do what they do great, empower them to make the decisions, right or wrong and then coach them to greater success.


seo reseller said...

Strategic placing is the key here. You allocate team leads and the necessary support site as teams handling the site.

web design perth said...

I strongly agree with the article. A great team with good knowledge, skills and attitude can make ecommerce the best big thing. Team leaders must also be present to guide the team on what to do and not to do. Technology is indeed diverse therefore, it is important to not put limitations on the knowledge that every individual must learn.