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Saturday, January 29, 2011

Should we pay more for Internet in Canada?

The CRTC has made a decision that allows for (and in some cases will force the smaller players that buy in bulk from the major carriers to use) metered Internet usage.  While this doesn't mean that we will see higher charges tomorrow it does hurt competition which is never a good thing for the consumer.  As I am spending more time in the US of late I see the different in pricing between the two market and you have to believe that this is slowing access to the evolution of the Internet in Canada.

So make your voice heard and hopefully if enough join in this decision can be reviewed.  Full info on the petition, and more information on this issue can be found at

Monday, January 24, 2011

Fast Failure - Why we all need to embrace it

I talk about fast failure a lot and how important it is to be failing regularly to be successful.

Here is a great example of how Honda looks at failure at and, I believe that, it shows how their culture of embracing failure is a key part of their success.


  • When you fail, fail fast.  Do not become attached to the project or product.
  • Learn from your failures and build the learnings into the future success of your business
  • Fear of failure in your culture or organization freezes it from moving forward
  • If you are not failing you are not taking the chances to win
  • Failure does not define you, it is how you response to it that does.

Great Video for a Monday Morning

WORDS from Everynone on Vimeo.

from Derek Dikdik

Monday, January 03, 2011

How to Win in Business

I have been doing alot of thinking lately on what winning means in business especially in the online world.  I think that we often believe that Google, Facebook, Youtube, Groupon etc were home runs but what I would propose is that these companies were not created with a single big win but a series, or high velocity, of small wins.

Winning doesn’t mean you need to go out and hit home runs in every at bat, in fact to be truly successful you need to be getting the small wins on a regular basis.  By improving the velocity of wins you will drive the business faster than waiting for the big wins to come through.  In the simplest terms this means that you need to be looking for the small wins and executing them on a regular basis.  You can measure this yourself and within your teams breaking the year down into weekly increments and measuring the wins you have achieved at the end of every week.  Winning requires great effort and some sacrifice but it will also be fun.  Winning is fun and repetitive wins brings a team to life.  You have to commit yourselves to drive small wins each and every week.

Doing this will be easy A. You focus on understanding the customer understanding who they are, what they want and how you can service them better; B. Deliver the best possible customer experience possible, delivering on your promise to them and delighting them at the same time and C. Driving business performance by ensuring everyone understands the underlying measures of success and the company bottom line so that anyone making a decision understands the impact to the greater company.

Finally you need a great team, investing in your team is key but teams are not measured on paper but their success on the field so ensure you have the passion, drive and culture to allow the velocity of wins you need.

To finish this off I will share my favourite quote from Theodore Roosevelt:

“It is not the critic that counts, the credit actually belongs to the man/woman who is actually in the arena, who strives valiantly, who errs and often comes up short again and again, who, at the best, knows in the end the triumph of high achievement and, who at worst, if he/she fails, at least fails while daring greatly, so that his/her place shall never be with those cold and timid souls who know neither victory nor defeat.”

Now go out and get some wins!

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Saturday, January 01, 2011

Google TV in Canada Update

There seems to be a ton of interest for Google TV in Canada, based on the traffic from my last post Google TV in Canada a Primer so I thought it would be good to give an update from a Google TV user in Canada.

Over the past few months Google has been busy making the product better with additional additional features and improving the overall experience.

No news yet on when the TV part of Google TV will be coming to Canada but I would hope that Rogers or Bell  would take the initiative to use this as an advantage and get their content integrated.  But the good news is that Chris O'Neill, Country Director for Google Canada, in the Star yesterday said that he wants Canada to be more testers for the US vs the position we are in now which is a follower (well after the fact most of the time - Google Voice anyone?).  So we can hope that this might speed things up.

What is important to note is that Google TV is still a powerful product without the TV integration, you get access to all of the online video content from the networks still - unlike the blocking they are doing in the US.  We can access so much of the content online that we are going to downgrade our pay TV packaging until it gets integrated just to see how much we can save and not impact the overall "TV"expereince.  All in all Google TV is still a great product for Canadians.

What's New.  Netflix now has a fully functional app and it works with the Canadian version -  Google TV is also working on an app marketplace and has launched a site for developers.  Early in the new year we should expect a roll out.

They also have a really cool remote apps that not only lets you control Google TV from your smart phone but you can share content to the device.

In the end we are amazed at how Google TV has changed the TV viewing experience for us, we often find ourselves dual viewing searching the web on topics while watching programs or forgoing the TV experience all together getting lost in YouTube or some other source on online content.  Google TV in Canada is real and will only get better with time.  While you still have to purchase it in the US it is worthwhile purchase if you are looking for the convergence that Google TV gives you on the big screen.  There are tons of rumors of big things coming in the new year for Google TV (so much so that it is reported that Google is asking manufactures to hold up shipments / production) so lets hope for us that the full Google TV in Canada experience will happen sooner than later.

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