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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Google TV in Canada Update #2

So interest seems higher than ever for Google TV in Canada, at least according to traffic on my blog, yet no news on when it is officially coming to Canada (Which really means when it will be integrated with traditional TV content providers and when some additional apps will become available).

Since the last update (Google TV in Canada Update #1) there is nothing really new with the technology, Google hasn't even updated their YouTube channel in the last two months, and I really believe that everything is hinging on the launch of the Google TV app store that was supposed to happen around CES.

On the usage front we are liking it more than every.  We cut our Bell TV bill in more than half and end up watching most of our regular TV online. Another win is that we are not worrying about DVRing the regular watched shows, when we want to watch them we just go on the TV channels website and watch it from there.  Most are close to HDTV quality and we never miss a show.

Another piece of advice from talking to people who also own Google TV is that the Logitech version seems to be preferred over Sony's as the full size keyboard that comes with the Logitech Revue is much better than Sony's controller like version.  If you want a full overview check out Google TV in Canada - A Primer.

I will keep you up to date as we continue to reduce our TV bills and as the product evolves / launches in Canada.