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Thursday, March 22, 2012

Three Words that Should Never be Spoken in Business

Can't, Impossible and No - three words that will kill a business yet you hear them around you everyday no matter where you work. It is these words, that when they are part of your business's vocabulary, cause it to slow down, lose that leadership position and never get to that game changing innovation.

I am sure people told Google it would be impossible to index and rank the web, that Amazon was told that no you won't be able to change how retail works and that Facebook was told it will be impossible to connect the world but luckily they pushed through this.

So catch yourself, and your teams, going forward not to crush ideas before they have a chance, removing these three words doesn't mean increased risk or lack of controls but it means that you will try and figure things out before making the decision.

Starting tomorrow replace these three words with five others when presented with a challenge or something new: We will figure it out.

This one is for you Bruce

1 comment:

JR said...

Learning from the seemingly impossible helps create winning formulas in the future. I would ask another phrase as well..."why can't we do this", sometimes it is easy to say no but harder to justify.